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Food - such a controversial subject.

Over the last few days I’ve seen a number of posts by friends and acquaintances about the food they are eating.  Two in particular stood out for me.  Both where made by individuals that I don’t know very well, but who are slim and who very frequently post about being on a weight loss diet, about watching their weight, about how high on their priority list a certain type of physical appearance is to them.  One posted a picture of a big basket filled with oranges and bottles of wine and captioned it “my lunches for the week” - in further conversation below it was revealed that she eats an orange and drinks wine every day as her entire lunch.  The second was a status that read “Instant miso soup and a cigaret for lunch today- that’s how I stay thin”.

While I certainly like things like oranges, wine and soup - neither of these particular combinations sound like meal choices that are particularly nutritious, or that would make me very happy about eating them, or give me much energy with which to go out and live my life for that matter…and so they seem undesirable to me, no matter how thin they might possibly make my body.  So I got to thinking about my lunch today in comparison.  A portion of lean chicken with some tomato sauce on it over a small portion of low carb pasta, sliced fresh cucumber, and fresh blackberries with some greek yogurt for desert and a bottle of water - which is actually a good representation of what I typically eat…….

Yet, if you stood the three of us in a line and asked a random stranger to choose which of us ate “the most healthy lunch today” - it’s a pretty good bet I would not be the one chosen, simply because my body is not as slender as theirs are.

This is a seriously messed up commentary on our culture’s perspective on health and body size.

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