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While the “story line” in the Lane Bryant commercial is certainly different then that in the Victoria’s secret commercials - I don’t see any difference in the way the models in lingerie are presented.  Both have beautiful women moving around wearing lacy bras and panties that cover all the appropriate bits.  So, I’m left wondering what exactly about the Lane Bryant commercial is the actual reason the TV networks refused to air it during ‘family hours’… while they have no issue airing the Victoria’s secret commercials.  Is there a fear that they will get “bad press” for showing bodies that don’t meet a commonly accepted criteria for beauty?  If so, that’s quite foolish on their part - since a rather high percentage of their female viewers would actually be able to wear the items shown in the Lane Bryant commercial and can’t buy anything other than perfume in a Victoria’s Secret store.

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    BOOM! he says it him self ‘there’s not enough of them’ ( the size of a Victoria Secret Model… Idk what to say other than...
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    What causes frustration for me is that this model is the perfect examples of what a “socially acceptable” plus size...
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